• Organic Certified Reference Materials Organic Certified Reference Materials
    SPEXQue QuEChERS Kits

    SPEXQuE™ QuEChERS Kits

    SPEXQuE™ QuEChERS Kits meet all your QuEChERS needs with general purpose kits suitable for removal of polar organic acids, some low to moderate levels of sugars, and lipids. Ready-to-use tubes are pre-packaged with extraction salts and sorbents for fast and easy sample preparation. 


    LC/MS Standards

    LC/MS Standards

    LC/MS Daily Check Standards are available to ensure proper instrumentation operation. 


    Phthalates in PVC Standards

    Phthalates in PVC Standards

    Phthalates in polyvinyl (PVC) standards are an addition to the current line of our popular consumer safety standards to include phthalate standards in PVC. SPEX CertiPrep also offer polyethylene standards to our customers in the plastics market. 


    USP <467> Standards

    USP <467> Standards

    USP <467> Standards help identify and quantify residual solvents (trace impurities) in drug substances, drug products, and excipients. 


    Wine Standards

    Standards for Wine

    Wine Standards are designed for measuring the common contaminants and byproducts of the wine manufacturing process. 


    Organic CRM Flipbook

  •  Inorganic Certified Reference Materials Inorganic Certified Reference Materials
    Comparison of Assurance (ICP) and Claritas (ICP-MS) Standards
     Assurance <sup>®</sup> StandardsClaritas PPT <sup>®</sup> Standards
    Designed for Use With AA / ICP ICP / ICP-MS
    Analytical Range for Use PPM, PPB PPB, PPT
    Single Standards
    1 mg/L
    10 mg/L
    1,000 mg/L
    10,000 mg/L
    Multi-Element Standards
    Custom Standards
    ISO 9001:2008
    ISO 17025:2005
    ISO Guide 34
    Traceable by NIST SRM
    Acid Grade High Purity Ultra High Purity
    # Trace Impurities Measured on
    Certificate of Analysis
    68 68
    Trace Impurities Measured to µg/L µg/L


    AA and ICP-AES Assurance® Grade CRMs are available in single and multi-element formulations. Over 70 single-element standards are available at 1,000 and/or 10,000 ppm. Multi-element standards include: calibration test solutions, instrument performance standards, drinking water metals, and interference check standards. Custom blends can be manufactured upon request.


    ICP-MS Claritas PPT® Grade CRMs are designed for ICP-MS and can also be used in ICP-OES analysis. They are available in single and multi-element solutions. The standards are at 1 or 1,000 ppm and packaged in 125 mL bottles to minimize contamination. They are made using high purity acids, the highest grade starting materials, and a high purity water to minimize contaminants. A one step dilution to PPB levels reduces dilution errors.

    Ion Chromatography & ISE Standards

    Every Ion Chromatography Standard is prepared under our unique Triple Checked for Quality®Assurance Program with all results reported on our SPEXCertificate®. It features a full line of anion and cation single element standards available at 1000 ppm in 125 mL and 500 mL volumes.

    Fusion Fluxes & Additives

    Pure and Ultra-Pure Fusion Fluxes and Additives are made from a "Micro Bead" formula to ensure the same ratio of components in each bead with no harmful dust to clog your instruments. Our Fusion Fluxes are pre-fused with additives for better accuracy. Density of 1.4 g/mL ensures flux is easier to handle and measure. Download our Fusion Flux & Addititves brochure.

    Not convinced our Fusion Flux will suit your needs? Visit and request your FREE sample today!

    Organometallic Oil Standards

    Organometallic Oil Standards are offered with a choice of single element or multi-element blends. Whether you are testing engine oils via ICP-AES, RDE, DCP, AA or XRF, our standards are pure and accurate to suit your needs. We offer a choice of 37 single element standards at 1,000 and 5,000 µg/g. Multi-element mixes of 5, 12, 21 and 23 elements are available and come in convenient 50 or 100 gram sizes.

    Speciation Standards

    Speciation analysis covers many areas including environmental protection, and the food and drug administration. To analyze species in a sample requires certified reference materials for sample verification and method validation. Many speciation standards are available in today's market, but most of the speciation standards are not certified or analyzed with a state-of-art ICP-MS. SPEX CertiPrep is proud to offer Inorganic single-element speciation standards analyzed by ICP-MS.

    Consumer Safety Standards

    New regulations are constantly enacted to protect consumers from a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals and elements. SPEX CertiPrep leads the CRM field with a full line of Consumer Safety Compliance Standards for a variety of testing regulations. These include:

    Quality Control Samples

    We partner with ERA to offer Quality Control Samples. All of ERA's QC samples have been tested in-house with the USEPA, NIST, NELAC and ISO protocols to ensure accuracy, homogeneity and stability.

  • Custom Organic and Inorganic Standards Custom Organic and Inorganic Standards

    SPEX CertiPrep has over 60 years experience in making custom standards to your exact specifications. Choose the type of product you need and complete the form. Our knowledgeable staff will verify your mix and provide you with a quote.

    Inorganic Custom Standards

    To order customized standards made by our experts fill out the  order request form. SPEX CertiPrep knowledgeable staff will verify the compatibility and stability of your requested mix and provide you with a quote. 

    • We offer custom standards for AA, ICP, ICP-MS, IC, Wet Assay, and Conductivity
    • Custom standards are offered in a variety of different volume sizes including the most common sizes of 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL and 1L
    • Custom standards can be bottled in different containers including LDPE, FEP, PP and glass bottles
    • All customs come with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and MSDS

    Organic Custom Standards

    SPEX CertiPrep specializes in evaluating what compounds work well together and the solvents needed to keep the standard stable. 

    • Standards are available for LC, LC/MS, GC or GC/MS
    • We offer customs in 1 mL ampules up to 1 Liter bottles
    • Each product is analyzed using state of the art instrumentation in a clean room environment
    • We stock a comprehensive supply of starting materials for fast manufacture as well as certified solutions ready to ship
    • All standards come with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and MSDS