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  • TPP Plasticware TPP Plasticware

    Lab Plasticware ( Sterile & Non-Sterile)

    TPP products are made of virgin plastics of highest purity and quality, that fulfils the requirements of Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI.

    TPP does not use or intentionally incorporate slip agents, biocides, plasticizers or additives into the materials using for production TPP products.

  • Glassware Glassware

    Laboratory Glassware

  • Bottle Carriers Bottle Carriers

    For Laboratory Acid and Solvent Bottles

    Large carrier accommodates 2.5 liter (5 pint) and 4 liter (1 gallon) bottles

    Small carrier accommodates 500 ml and 1000 ml (1 liter) bottles.

    Resists most aqueous solutions, acids, bases.

    Made from unique, high performance, thermoplastic elastomer. Excellent tensile strength. Can be used from -45 C to +110 C. Steam sterilizable. Resists oxidation in prolonged atmospheric exposure.

    Handle molded as part of carrier.

    Recessed marking area at top outer side of carrier.

    Carries liquids and ice without sweating. Resists bacteria and fungi growth.

    Precision-molded to assure uniform appearance and quality.

    Centering ring in base holds bottle to assure clearance from wall.

    Color Height W/Bail Bucket Height Diameter Weight Quantity
    Red 16" 10.5" 7.5" 3.0 lb. Each
    White 16" 10.5" 7.5" 3.0 lb. Each
    Black 16" 10.5" 7.5" 3.0 lb. Each
    Red 10"  6.5" 4.5"   .8 lb. Each
    Black 10"  6.5" 4.5"   .8 lb. Each

    Keep moisture loss to a minimum and protect the contents of your laboratory items with a flexible covering for test tubes, beakers, petri dishes and more.

    Convenient, flexible and self-sealing - Parafilm® M laboratory film is an essential item in health care, pharmaceutical and research labs.



    Protect the integrity of research applications with a tight moisture-barrier that holds a strong seal and doesn’t release from glassware, despite off-gassing

    Reduce the risk of tampered data with a covering that is odorless, colorless and semi-transparent
    Prevents moisture and volume loss due to material composition and tight seal
    Flexible and self-sealing material allows it to cling around irregular shapes and surfaces
    Stretches more than 200% of original length
    Resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions
  • Bottles & Jars Bottles & Jars

    Amber Glass Bottles & Jars are offered in Boston Rounds and Wide Mouth Packers. They are ideal for light sensitive products because they protect contents from UV rays and maintain sample integrity with the assurance of glass.

    Clear (flint) glass is an excellent choice when both maximum visibility and integrity of bottle or jar contents is required. Qorpak offers a comprehensive line of clear glass bottles and jars for lab use, life sciences, samples, and many general use applications.

    Popular specialized clear glass lab bottles include clear glass graduated medium rounds (Bottle Beakers®), oil sample bottles, media bottles, dilution bottles, and culture bottles. Popular clear glass product containers include test jars, oil sample bottles, prescription ware bottles, and tablet bottles. Great multi-purpose clear glass bottles include Boston Rounds, Bottle Beakers®, French Square bottles, and wide mouths.