Whether you are looking for high hygiene or low maintenance, our range of stylish washroom systems and dispensers are designed to meet your needs.



  • Hand Towel Dispensers Hand Towel Dispensers

    Our Hand Towel Dispensers do more than look stylish - they can help increase drying efficiency and help promote hand hygiene.

  • Skincare Dispensers Skincare Dispensers

    When it comes to our Skincare Dispensers, four words apply: "high capacity" and "low maintenance".

  • Bathroom Tissue Dispensers Bathroom Tissue Dispensers
    Our Bathroom Tissue Dispensers are available in various designs and formats to suit your environment. All are efficient, economical and stylish.
  • Facial Tissue Dispensers Facial Tissue Dispensers

    Enhance your washroom with our Facial Tissue Dispensers. It’s the little touches that make the difference.

  • Air Freshner Dispensers Air Freshner Dispensers

    To help keep your environment smelling fresh and fragrant, you need an Air Freshener Dispenser you can rely on. Choose from a selection.

  • Wiper Dispensers Wiper Dispensers

    Help reduce cross-contamination, increase productivity and reduce waste by choosing from Wiper Dispensers to meet your needs.

  • Dispensing Accessories Dispensing Accessories

    Get high hygiene with low maintenance, thanks to our range of Dispensing Accessories.