TPP tissue culture dish offers Impeccable optical clarity, enables a visual control of the cells in stacked dishes using transmitted light.

More details

  • Surface activation of the growth area enhancing optimal proliferation of the cells.
  • Side walls of dish not surface activated
  • Gripping ring with serrated edges prevent accidental dropping of the dish bottom
  • Lateral yellow inscription field on the lid
  • Stacking ring on the lid and corresponding on the base result in an extremely secure stacking feature
  • Spacer on the inside of the dish lid for a constant movement of air
  • Clock-numbering system (3, 6, 9 and 12) inlaid into the base of the dish allows identification, region of interest definition and documentation of the zones
  • Vents in the dish base for airflow between stacked dishes for consistent growth conditions and prevention of condensation


Product-No. Growth Area cm2 Inside Ø mm Dimensions l x w x h mm Material Qty/ Bag pcs Qty/ Case pcs
93040 9.2 34 40 x 11 PS 20 900
93060 22.1 53 60 x 16 PS 14 840
93100 60.0 87 96 x 21 PS 10 240
93150 147.0 137 146 x 21 PS 5 100
Ideal volume of culture medium for use in TPP tissue culture Dish

Volume recommendations must be seen as guideline and do not represent an absolute value. TPP is not responsible for any outcome in this regard. The usual media volume to surface area is 0.20 - 0.5ml/cm2, the upper limit is set by gaseous diffusion through the liquid layer and the optimum will depend upon the oxygen requirement of the cells. Also, more confluent cultures require more media and changing more frequently.

The number of cells on a confluent plate, dish, or flask will vary with cell type. For this table, we give no recommendations, but indicate source of information such as: Freshny R. Culture of animal cells Wiley-Liss 1994, etc.


Product No. Inside Ø (mm) Growth area (cm2) Medium recom. (ml) Medium max. (ml)
93040 34 9.2 2 4
93060 53 22.1 3 15
93100 87 60.0 10 60
93150 137 147.0 20 155