Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals

Complete and exhaustive range of high purity chemicals viz. Gradient HPLC ,HPLC, GC-HS, Dry solvents, ACS, AR, LR & other application based chemicals.



  • Laboratory Reagent Laboratory Reagent

    Laboratory & General Use Chemicals

    Laboratory reagents are the chemicals fit for general laboratory applications. These grade of chemicals are used in non critical applications and manufacturing where consistent specifications are required at specific purity level.

    These laboratory reagents are referred by different nomenclature but generally matches the specifications of manufacturers.

    We offer thousands of laboratory reagents from Avantor Performance Materials, Thermo Fisher, and Finar Chemicals.

    These chemicals are available in grades like LR, Hi-Pure, SQ etc.

    You may contact us for further information on the availability of these chemicals.

  • Analytical / ACS grade Analytical / ACS grade

    Chemicals for Analytical Applications

    Wide variety of testing and analytical laboratories world over specifies ACS chemicals for consistent and reliable results.

    They meet or exceed ACS standards for purity and reproducibility, helping ensure the integrity of results in critical analytical applications.

    Analytical Reagents

    These chemicals are a step higher grade than laboratory reagents. This quality is suitable for most analytical application, research and quality control.

    Manufacturers also refers these as AR grade, ExcelAR grade etc.

    ACS Reagents

    ACS reagents meet the specification of American Chemical Society (ACS). Analytical reagents found in most laboratories and are used in a wide variety of analytical techniques for quality control, research and development.

    We also offer the chemicals which exceeds the specifications of AR as well as ACS.

  • liquid chromatography -HPLC liquid chromatography -HPLC

    Reagents for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) applications

    Our HPLC grade reagents and solvents offer better detection and separation of chemical compounds with Speed, Resolution and Sensitivity.

    We cover all the areas of HPLC, where the application includes the different grades of chemicals.

    High-Purity HPLC Solvents

    HPLC solvents includes high purity solvents, tested to meet strict UV absorbance specifications. Solvents have varied specifications depending on whether they will be used for preparative chromatography or analytical in isocratic or gradient mode.

    Our HPLC solvents offer rapid, reproducible performance and separation. Our HPLC solvents increase throughput and ease-of-use without sacrificing efficiency or reproducibility.

    Buffers, acids and Ion Pairing Reagents

    Buffers, acids and ion pair reagents enhance the usefulness of the analytical technique. They are equally critical in HPLC applications to attain superior separation with well separated peaks.

    We offer more than 100 HPLC solvents and allied chemicals from the global leaders and reputed indigenous manufacturers.

    Whether your HPLC application require chemicals for mid to higher wavelengths; or for critically lower wavelengths, we have the answer for you.

    We’ll be happy to serve your HPLC needs with world class quality and unmatched service.

  • Dry Solvents Dry Solvents

    Dry & Anhydrous Solvents with extremely low water content

    These are the solvents with extremely low water content, applicable for analytical purposes or organic synthesis.

    Dry solvents are generally used in water determinations according to Karl Fischer. They’ve become critical in the new organic and inorganic chemistry research techniques.

    We offer reputed brands of dry and anhydrous solvents for your critical needs. These solvents are application tested and globally accepted as trusted dry solvents.

  • Aquametry Aquametry

    KFR solvents that deliver Sharp and stable end point

    Karl Fischer Titration is a technique for the determination of moisture content. The technique was developed by a chemist named Karl Fischer. It is based on a reagent which reacts with water and converts the water into a non-conductive chemical. Karl Fischer provides for the specific detection of water.

    There are two methods used to perform the Karl Fischer titration test.

    One is known as Volumetric Karl Fischer. With this method the moisture determination is based on the amount, or volume, of reagent used to convert the water. In the Volumetric Method, samples are dissolved in a solvent before the titration begins. A reagent is added until the water is removed.

    The other method is known as Coulometric Karl Fischer. In this approach, the reagent and solvent are combined in the titration cell. When a sample is introduced into the titration cell and dissolved, reagent is released by the induction of an electrical current. The amount of current required to convert the water is the determinant of the amount of moisture. A Coulometric Karl Fischer instrument is often referred to as a coulometer.

    The advantage of the Coulometric Karl Fischer method is the capability to accurately measure small amounts of moisture. Sensitivity of these instruments is as low as 0.1 microgram (µg) of water. This method is normally used for moisture content below 1% or for samples where the moisture is less than 200 micrograms.

  • Indicator & Stains Indicator & Stains

    Solutions, Stains and Dyes  

    Achieve pure, accurate, consistent results while saving time and maximizing productivity with solutions, stains and dyes from Avantor Performance Materials. These are the products that industry leaders in drug discovery, research, quality control, life science and histopathology rely on. Our products are also available in a wide range of innovative chemical packaging options.  

    Meeting Your Needs for Quality and Efficiency  

    • Volumetric Solutions -- combining the high-quality salts we manufacture with the water we purify to unsurpassed levels
    • Volumetric Solution Concentrates -- manufactured in large lots to save you the time and expense of preparation and standardization 
    • Dissolution Media Concentrates -- for dependable exact normality (within ±0.1%) from an easily prepared, dilutable product 
    • pH Buffer & Reference Solutions -- ensure accurate pH measurements time after time 
    • Stains & Dyes -- ideally suited to molecular biology or microbiology applications 
    • pH Measurement Papers & Indicator Sticks -- save time and get fast, accurate results with a broad selection of pH ranges 
  • GC HS Solvents GC HS Solvents
    • Gas Chromatography Analysis  

      GC solvents from Avantor deliver low UV absorbance, residue after evaporation and water levels that create flat base lines and extend column life in demanding gas chromatography analysis applications. These include demanding environmental analysis protocols, drug discovery, academic laboratories, food and beverage, quality control and research  applications. 

      Our GC products are application-optimized and function tested and produced in ISO certified facilities. Function testing is carried out on high-resolution capillary GC and many products are accurate to the ppb/ppt level. And our GC products are tested and controlled for optimum purity and lot-to-lot consistency. So you get the best performance on any GCinstrumentation or methodology, with the enhanced separation power and reproducibility that makes GC the world’s most widely used analytical technique. 

      We also offer chemical packaging options that reduce or eliminate the need to handle or measure hazardous chemicals, and recyclable CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent delivery packaging systems. 

      Supporting Environmental Analysis and Testing 

      Gas Chromatography & Environmental Solvents 
      Universal Multipurpose Solvents  
      Environmental Extraction Disks  
      Solid Phase Extraction Columns 
      SPE Well Plates  
      SPE Processors &Accessories  
      ppb Trace Metal Acids 
      ppt Trace Metal Acids 

      Environmental Applications 

      • Liquid-liquid extraction
      • Solid phase extraction
      • Trace metal analysis
      • Pesticide residue analysis
      • Purge and trap (headspace analysis)
      • Reference standards (AA and ICP applications)
  • LC/MS Solvents & UHPLC Analysis Chemicals LC/MS Solvents & UHPLC Analysis Chemicals

    To get minimal impurities, extended column life and improved sensitivity for today’s LC/MS and UHPLC equipment.These UHPLC products offer the consistency and reliability to ensure the results you want for routine applications -- and the innovative specialty chemistries you need to help you empower discovery in demanding analytical applications. 

    That helps you get optimal, reproducible performance from today’s increasingly sophisticated instruments, including minimal variability during the most challenging transfers of newly developed methods. You get extended column life, reduced metal adduct formation, minimal organic impurities and interference-free baselines. 

    Supporting LC/MS and UHPLC Applications 

    • High Purity Solvents created and engineered for today’s advances in instrumentation and technology.
    • LC/MS Solvents & Blends  for interference-free baselines and improved sensitivity
    • UHPLC Solvents extended column life and maximize accuracy
    • HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS Acids, Buffers & Modifiers  -- savings through reproducibility and ease of use
  • Electronic Grade Chemicals Electronic Grade Chemicals

    Electronic Grade Chemicals - CMOS / VLSI